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Hume program Week Three

Week three on the Newstart program started off at The Age Library in Broadmeadows. The students were able to tour the library and learn about what resources are available. After the tour we jumped on the computers and researched the eastern barred bandicoot and the woodlands historic park, in preparation for our visit next week. After finding out the facts we headed out to Roxburgh Youth Centre where we had a chat with Johnny, a youth worker who runs the centre. In the afternoon we headed down to Maribynong for another boxing session with Sal, where we were able to get out all our energy for the day and have a really solid go.

Thursday was a short day with the students heading to their first Reach grounded workshop. These workshops bring a whole range of young people together to engage in fun activities and support the students to build confidence and focus on developing better relationships and more positive life outcomes. Most of the students get a lot out of these Reach experiences, and we always hearback great reports of being well looked after.

On Friday morning we headed out to South Melbourne Life Saving Club to learn a bit about first aid and water safety. Dave from the club taught our students CPR and spoke about how to help someone in an emergency, in which everyone fully participated which was great to see. After this we got out the life saving boards and headed into the water to learn water safety signals and get comfortable before we head off on surf camp next week. While the water wasn't quite as warm as in the summer months we stayed nice and warm in wetsuits, and had lots of fun taking out the boards and having some races.

Can't wait for surf camp!

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