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Operation Newstart is a DEECD alternative settings program, facilitated each term by a teacher and youth worker who engage eight students in a selection of activities. 


Students are involved in the program for 8 weeks, starting on the second week of a term. During this time the students attend a total of three camps and a wide range of activities. Students continue to attend their host school 2 days a week, and a strong emphasis is placed on reaching personal educational goals within the classroom on these days.


Upon completion of the program, a Graduation Ceremony is held to celebrate the student's efforts and achievements. Students receive a written report (to be included with their regular school report) and a range of certificates when graduating.


The following activities give an example of what students may do during the term:





Community Involvement

-Bike restoration and donation

-Collingwood Children's Farm

-Community radio show

-First aid training

-CFA training


Outdoor Activities


-Bike Riding



-Surf Camp

-High ropes course


-Rock Climbing 

Personal Development

-Surf life saving


-workshops on mental health, drug & alcohol information and sexual health

-TAFE Tasters (automotive, engineering, landscaping, hospitality and agriculture)

-Educational goal setting


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