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From parents, teachers and support staff....


“The students committed to doing a regular activity and tried and succeeded at amazing things they thought impossible!”


“Students gained much more confidence, including in using public transport”


“I feel the program’s communication was excellent with newsletters and updates, I was very impressed”


“Our students met new people in their community and built friendships, they also think more widely outside their space”


“Students gain confidence, leadership & focus”


“Amazing program…amazing staff, great curriculum, very consistent and stable approach with safe realistic and achievable aims and boundaries!”


From service providers we work with....


“The Newstart program helps young people to work as a team, to co-operate and to collaborate together for a positive outcome”


“It’s really good to get young people involved with their local community”


“The program provides the idea of different pathways they could achieve”


“There are gaps within the field and it’s these limited programs that are needed and real for young people to move forward with their lives”



From the young people themselves....


“I feel like I can do anything, I’ve never had so much fun with new people, I’ve never been so happy”


“I surprised myself when I could do the things I thought I couldn’t”


“Things at school are different because I get to school and class on time and I do my work properly”


“If someone at school was thinking about doing the program I would tell them- go and do it you will have a lot of fun and learn new things and go on great camps”


“I have learnt team work and communication and to participate in school in activities”


“The teachers at school help me more now and I understand what they are trying to tell me”

“I am proud of being part of this group and contributing and learning new things"

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