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Hi everyone!

Welcome back to our weekly blog, please see our final camp week run down below!

On Wednesday, the 5th we met the group at Flinders Street Station for our city experience and rock-climbing day.  Our day kicked off with The Amazing Race, where we split into two groups to take on an exciting race through the city. Provided with questions and riddles, each group navigated the CBD collecting answers and taking photos along the way. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore the vibrant city while engaging in teamwork and problem-solving. After the exciting race, we had lunch at the Melbourne Central food court, before making our way to rock climbing. As we arrived at the rock-climbing venue, anticipation filled the air. For many this activity was not only a test of physical strength but also of trust, bravery, and courage. With nerves and excitement, everyone geared up and prepared to conquer the towering walls. Despite any initial anxiety, the group embraced the challenge, pushing past their fears and doubts. With each climb, there was a sense of achievement and empowerment, as they overcame their dislike of heights and trusted in their equipment and support from fellow students below. Throughout the day, there were countless moments of celebration as each student pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones. It was a day filled with laughter and unforgettable achievements. 


On Thursday the 6th of June we headed on our final camp of the term, our expedition camp! On this camp we assessed students on things like their organisation skills, packing and unpacking their tents, their attitudes along the bike ride and willingness to help to name a few. We headed up to Alexandra to begin our first 16.5km bike ride up to Molesworth where we would be camping for the night. We unloaded all the bikes, and had a debrief, reflecting on safety and allocating leaders for the trail. Following this we headed off on our ride, stopping to look at some farm animals and taking breaks as we needed them! After 16.5km we ended up in Molesworth and begun setting up our camp for the night. All students showed great initiative when setting up their tents and did this very efficiently, we then relaxed for a few hours, playing football, making noodles, and exploring the camp site! The crew allocated who would cook and prep while making chicken burgers and sausages, after dinner we reflected by the campfire with s’mores and listened to each student make a small speech about their chosen character strength in preparation for their graduation speech!


On Friday the 7th we began packing up our tents and enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading off on another 16.5 km ride! Once we packed up the bus we begun riding from the Molesworth camp site to Yea! A steady 8km uphill ride was challenging but was worth it once we got to go downhill! Along the way we saw many Cows and Horses and rode through the extremely dark Cheviot Tunnel! During the ride we asked students to reflect on a character strength they feel as though they portrayed during the ride and how they can utilise this in the future! We stopped for some lunch once arriving at Yea and then headed back to collingwood where we unpacked the bus and students headed home!

Friendly reminder we will be postponing program for a week, but we will be back next week!


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