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Hi everyone


Here is the Week 4 blog aka Surf Camp week!


On Wednesday the 22nd of May students left for their second camp of the term! We headed down to Breamlea Surf Club where we stayed for the night! After unloading the bus and having some lunch we headed down to torquay beach for a 2-hour surf lesson! We met our instructor Kev who took the crew through a introduction on how to surf, gain balance on the board to stand up, and the best techniques to catch a wave! We then got out in the water, starting at knee level, and practiced riding a wave while laying on the board before moving to standing up when students felt comfortable! Kazuki showed his great skills and previous experience with surfing, standing up instantly and helping the others gain some confidence! Each student managed to stand up and ride a wave which was great to see! Following this we headed down, grabbed some hot chips, and visited the famous Bells Beach lookout! We then headed back to the surf club where we hung out, played some pool and ball games, and started cooking dinner! Strati, James, and Isaac were our prep crew, and Jasper and Kazuki were our cooking crew! Following dinner, we finished off the night with some Kelly Pool and headed off to bed!


On Thursday the 23rd we had some breakfast and quickly headed off to our next Surf session, meeting our new instructor Brad, we got straight into it, with students showing a significant improvement from the day before riding waves left right and centre! Following this session we had some lunch, packed up and cleaned the surf club and headed back towards collingwood!


On Friday we had a smaller crew with just 3 students, Jaymee, Jasper and Kazuki participated in some Street Art with instructor Brodie down at the Yarra Youth Centre, the crew showed their creative side designing lots of artwork using spray painting cans, with Brodie preparing a nice big canvas for students to practice on! Following this we played some table tennis and a few very intense games of pool before students did some reflection work in their journals. To end the day, we headed down to our 2nd boxing session with instructor Sal, we practiced some basic left/right punches on a punching bag and then headed into the boxing ring. Jaymee showed great strength when in the ring with Sal!


Our theme for this week was centred around the 4 P’s! Positivity, patience, perseverance and participation! We asked students to reflect on these principles while they were surfing and demonstrate where they feel they best displayed these! Perseverance and participation were main points that were found, through continuing to get back on their board after wipe outs and getting in the water despite it being really cold!


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