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On Wednesday, the 8th we gathered the group at Collingwood Station. Our first stop was the Richmond Recreation Centre for a gym session with a personal trainer. While some students might have been apprehensive initially, they quickly got into the swing of things once the session began. The session started with a 5-minute warm-up on the treadmill, gradually easing everyone into the workout. Then guided by the personal trainer, we moved into a group circuit. It was incredible to witness the transformation as the students pushed themselves and gave it their all. The energy and zest were noticeable as the group embraced the challenge and enjoyed trying out various gym equipment.


After the workout, we headed to Headspace in Collingwood for a presentation focused on stress management, awareness of triggers, and implementing strategies for mental health. The Headspace staff provided valuable insights and support, allowing everyone to engage in meaningful discussions and offering additional support beyond the program. We continued our day by making our way to Collingwood Alternative School to prepare our much-needed supplies for the hike camp tomorrow. The group displayed great teamwork and readiness as they prepared their own hike bags and assisted with organising supplies.




On Thursday students embarked on their first camp of the program! We headed off to the Cathedral Ranges for our hike camp! After a 1.5hr drive we arrived at our campsite and begun setting up our tents and tables. The crew worked great as a team getting their tents up in just a few minutes. Following this we stopped to have some lunch before embarking on our lengthy 3 hour hike up to Ned’s Peak. Our hike was mostly up hill which proved to be quite challenging, students practiced perseverance, and teamwork and great leadership helping each other adopt a strength-based mindset to get through the tough moments!  After hiking for approximately 2 hours, we finally reached the peak, overlooking the Cathedral Ranges, the view was stunning, and students were amazed by how high up we were! After spending some time admiring the view we begun our speedy hike back down. Once back we started cooking dinner with students choosing Chicken Stir Fry, each student participated in either prepping or cooking the food. We finished off the night with S’mores and campfire games!


On Friday morning we were woken by lots of rain which meant we weren’t able to complete the 45-minute hike to a waterfall we had planned! Instead, we packed up our gear and drove to Marysville for some breakfast! We then made it to a short 10-minute walk to Stevenson’s Falls where students were able to view a 3-story waterfall before heading back to Collingwood!




During our trip Adnan sat down with some students and got their reflections from the camp!


Kaea: "The most memorable part for me was building a bond with everyone a bit more. When faced with challenges, I told myself to keep going and kept on thinking about the beautiful view. I realised I can push myself."


Strike: "I felt scared when I started facing challenges on the hike, but I didn't at the end, and what helped was my teammates. What I learned about myself during the activities is that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it."


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