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Term 4 Week 6

Hi everyone!

This term's program is going to be a quick one and so we are going to make the most of it! :)

To begin the program, we went to Roxburgh Park Youth Centre and played some ice breakers, talked about expectations and then set our group's code of conduct, highlighting our group values and goals for the term. The group showed high morale even on the first day which is great to see. We spent the afternoon boxing with Sal in Maribyrnong. He spoke a lot about being in control about your own attitude and having a positive mindset, building u a great foundation for our program. The session was fun and engaging, raising everyone's heart rates and breaking a sweat! A few of the young people had a one on one spar with Sal which they loved. All students did extremely well in participating and giving it a go, finishing our first day on a high.

On Thursday we departed Melbourne for our Surf Camp at Bancoora Beach. We all had such an amazing time! Our surf instructor Kev introduced us to the techniques of how to stand up on the board and we were lucky to have decent water conditions on the first day as everyone was able to catch some waves! We were very impressed with the talent in the group being able to stand up on their very first session. Great effort everyone!

After our lesson, we spent the afternoon at Bells Beach where we had the chance to check out Victoria's renowned surf beach and watch other surfers. We then had some well deserved hot chips at Torquay beach before heading back to camp.

We spent the night at the Bancoora Surf Life Saving Club just off from the beach. There we had a lovely BBQ for dinner and apple pie and ice cream for dessert (yum!) . Everyone had their roles including setting up the table, cooking and cleaning. After dinner, we played some card games and enjoyed each others company.

The next morning our surf instructor Kev came to the club and he led a great stretching session before we got in the water which was definitely needed. This day was a little colder with rain coming in all directions and the water conditions weren't as good as the first day... but the young people did an incredible job! They pushed right through it and ended up having a great time out on the boards! Brendon and I were really impressed with the students' attitudes, patience and perseverance for the surf lesson. They all gave it a good crack and enjoyed their time being in the water overall. The main focus of this camp was the 3 P's - Patience, Persistence and Participation. During our debrief, students identified times when they used the 3 P's and how they could transfer those skills to school. They all did a great job at contributing and making a positive connection to how they could use that particular character strength to assist them at school. We made lunch back at the club and all together we cleaned the place before leaving. We then packed the bus and made our way back to Melbourne. Everyone must have been exhausted because the bus ride home was fairly quiet and chilled out to the music :)

What a great start to the program everyone! We are looking forward to the next few weeks :)


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