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Hello everyone!

Hamish the program placement student here!

As we returned from the 2nd camp of the term, we enjoyed a jam-packed week 5 with heaps of exciting activities. Take the time to have a quick read of what we got up to!   

On our first day of the week, Wednesday the 6th we met with the crew at Oxygen Youth Space and after some had a quick game of pool, we set on our way to the Glenroy Community Hub. We met with Nic, a Merri Beck council worker, and Chirstobel, a DJ and musician. These two talented folks showed us the recording studio and Jam room available at the Glenroy hub and how to utilise them. The group had a great time writing their hip-hop songs, developing a collective dis track all in good fun, and using the music equipment available and recording their song. We may potentially have a few future talents in the music industry! After a quick lunch break at the park, the group went to Brunswick Baths to meet with Jessie,  our personal trainer, for the last time. For our last gym session for the term, the group participated in a water aerobics circuit with everyone giving it a go and making a splash in the pool. This though new was a big hit, with those involved having a laugh and giving it their all. 

On Thursday the 7th, the group met up at Collingwood station and made their way to CAS to get ready for the day ahead. The group was introduced to the bikes they were using later in the day, learning about the A-B-C-D-D-E bike check ensuring that our bikes were in working order for our bike ride along the Yarra River. With the bikes checked and wheels pumped, they were loaded onto the trailer and off we went to our destination. Once we arrived, we all got our helmets, hi-vis vests, and gear ready and started riding along the beautiful river track. Stopping at a bouldering wall the group had a quick water stop and had a turn at climbing the wall. We took turns changing leaders who took charge at the front of the group. Their task was to warn the crew of any dangers ahead, warn other walkers and bike riders that we were overtaking and keep the group at an achievable speed to ensure no one got left behind. We ended the first half of the trip at Federation Square having some lunch while watching an international dance competition. After the break, the gang headed across the street to look at the street art down Hosier lane, before quickly looking in Culture Kings. With newfound energy from 7-11 slurpees, we made our way back along the river to where we parked, loading up the bikes back onto the trailer. It was time to head back to CAS to end the day and drop the crew back to the station. 

On Friday the 8th we collected as a group at the Collingwood station once again for a day full of activities. After a quick stop to pick up the friendly dog Rocco, we made our way to Darebin Parklands to try our hand at orienteering. Splitting up into teams of girls vs boys, it was a race against time to find all 21 points on the map. In the end, the girl's team found all 21 points coming away as the winners however, the boy's team still gave it a red hot go but was slowed down by Rocco stopping at nearly every tree.  With the crew exhausted from the heat and hard work done orienteering, it was back to CAS to have a quick reflection and listen to a visitor talk about her experience in Antarctica. It was very interesting to see how life there is different such as the climate, animals, and daily interactions. The group had many questions and each received a sticker at the end of the presentation, it was clear the heat and the work the group did this week got them so a quick stop at 7-11 was well received before heading home for the weekend.   


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