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Term 1 week 1 2021

Hello everyone!

What a great start to the term! Last year was chaotic to say the least but we are glad to have the ability to run the program this term and we are lucky to have an amazing bunch of students!

To begin the term, we met at Oxygen Youth Space and played some ice breakers, talked about respectful relationships and set our group's code of conduct, highlighting our group values and goals. The group showed high morale even on the first day which is great to see. We spent the afternoon doing boxing with Sal in Maribyrnong. We spoke a lot about attitude and having a positive mindset. The session was intense, raising everyone's heart rates and breaking a sweat! The students did extremely well in participating and giving it a go, finishing the day on a high.

On Thursday, all students arrived on time at Collingwood station with great attitudes, - a reflection on how they feel about the program so far perhaps? We spent the morning completing the 1000 Steps (Kokoda Trail). The students pushed through it as a team and remained in high spirits despite the climb. Some students took turns on being the leader and did really well in those roles. We learnt about the history of the Kokoda Trail and we learnt the difference between low resilience and high resilience responses. We will focus on this heavily for our first camp at the Cathedral Ranges. For the afternoon, we went to Trees Adventure, a high ropes course in Belgrave. Some students faced challenges such as heights and using their upper body strength to complete the course. They all did really well. The students feedback for the day was great as they all enjoyed it. Each student acknowledged a certain character strength they used throughout the day, helping them to start thinking about what makes them great as a person.

On Friday we spent the morning at Collingwood Alternative School (CAS) working on our journals and creating goals for the term. After that we went to Melbourne Polytechnic in Fairfield to do some landscaping. The students were introduced to how to make a pavement using sand and bricks. Every student gave their best and was 100% committed to completing their task. All students showed impressive practical skills and determination. This is a great way for students to get a glimpse into what can be offered once they complete their schooling. After our meeting this morning, we found out that this was the student's favourite activity for the week. Well done everyone!


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