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Hello again everyone! We’re ticking away at the weeks of program and here is our last weeks breakdown for you 🙂

On Wednesday the 15th we collected our crew at Roxburgh Station for a music session based around lyric writing. We luckily were able to utilise the space at Glenroy Community Hub, a space provided by the Merri-bek council. When we arrived we met with Nic, the hub's jam room manager, and Eden, a musician and DJ who was leading our session. This space was to provide a different creative outlook for our young people, and could even evolve into a hobby or career. Eden took us through a grounding exercise, opening ourselves up to the creativity inside! When we finally got going some students had instant ideas while others took their time through a step by step guide Eden provided. Talking about feelings, sensations and random words that pop into our minds, our group got their words to page. The group were very involved, constantly adjusting their hip hop lyrics till it felt right. When they had finished this part of our session we moved on to recording. Our first student to record was very kind in performing our other students' lyrics, due to nerves in recording their voices. This will eventually come back as a track put together by Nic within the next few weeks. In all the group found this session both fun and expressive, having a time to express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment. After saying goodbye and thank you to Eden and Nic, we moved on to our last gym session at Broadmeadows Leisure Center. As some students had some injuries we decided for an easy general gym session, with one of our students leading the group by choosing and observing our exercises. The group steadily made their way through the workouts and when done all stretched before finishing off the day.

On Thursday the 16th we met our crew back at Roxburgh station for a biking day. We met the crew with all our gear ready and took them to Brimbank Park, a large regional park full of tracks of all kinds. When we arrived we went over some bike safety and preparation steps before looking to try a small loop designed by Auri. The crew were assessed on their ability to stop, how they positioned themselves on the bikes and comfortability on their rides. Once everyone was able to show their competency we gathered our things and made our way to the trail. Having a student in front leading us we went up a great hill, taking our time and waiting before continuing. This was something the group was to work on throughout the day as we aim to not leave anyone behind during our rides, for safety protocols. When we finally regrouped and re-assessed our route we headed off and made quick work of our trail seeing an amazing view along the way. Sadly during our ride one of the tires had popped leading us to walk some of the way and swap bikes amongst ourselves. The group then headed off to ride down the trails alongside the car parks. During this time some students separated from the group not heeding our rules of sticking together and stopping at intersections. When we eventually found our lost students we spoke about their behaviour and how it affects the group as a whole. They were able to reflect on this session and were left with time to come up with an apology to the group members individually for their behaviours, and how they will actively work on these aspects during the program. Once we had packed away our things we finished the day with a drop off at Broadmeadows station.

Sadly on Friday the 17th we did not hold the program as Auri, our teacher on the program was unwell. We will be reassessing a day in the future to cover this absence 🙂

Once again what an amazing week, and we’ll be headed off for our 3 day, 2 night camp next week at the Cathedral ranges!


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