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Hi everyone!

Another week done and dusted and here is our weekly breakdown ;-)

On Wednesday the 25th of October we collected the crew for a morning walk and explore of the Woodlands Historic Park in Greenvale. This is a local space we loved utilising for the knowledge of our young people but also being able to be in nature for the beautiful day ahead of us. During our time together we allowed our crew to choose and lead us along the walk, volunteering their leadership skills during our trek, and making points of conversation along the way. We followed the winding trail through the park, even stopping to say a quick hello to some ponies on the property. Once we all finished the walk and had lunch we looked into leadership styles, doing a quick fun quiz where we listened and moved accordingly. We spoke about the different aspects of leaders, highlighting that all leader types have both positive and negative aspects and why having more than one type in a group is beneficial. Once we had this chat we moved on to the local library in Broadmeadows. We gladly accessed the public area and sat the group down to speak about setting goals for our term. Each student individually sets 5 goals, 3 surrounding school and 2 around character strengths. The three goals surrounding school are focused on aspects they struggle with and wish to improve by the end of the program, including but not being limited to, attendance, grades, organisation and behaviour/class attitudes. The 2 character strength goals are based on a survey each student completes. The 24 character strengths are strengths that have been deduced by looking at great leaders around the world, including Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, and Ghandi. The whole 24 are easily accessed online, and using the VIA Character Strength Survey website, our students were able to identify in an exact order their character strengths lie. Once finishing these up we thanked the group and completed some relevant book work regarding our strengths before dropping off at Broadmeadows for the day.

On Thursday the 26th we met the group in the city, having our city experience and rock climbing day. Collecting at Flinders Street Station, we met our group and headed for ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. This space focuses on the many aspects of the moving image including puppetry, video qualities and types over the years, and even video games. It is a free informational space that allows you to experience the many aspects of the moving image and what it encompasses from the initial designs, trials, scripts and even costumes and props. We allowed our group more of a free rein over the space, having their own time to move through and experience it at their own rates. When we did finally come together again we moved on to the trams and hitched a ride to Melbourne Central. Here we had lunch and chatted about the city and our next activity, Rock-climbing. The group were keen, and when we finally made it to the space we had a quick toilet break before getting fully introduced to the space through a safety briefing. Everyone was listening well, soon pairing up and practicing their skills for team climbs. This space used both self and couple belaying devices, meaning that one is automatically controlled by a machine, while another is by a single ground supporter for the climber, also known as the Belayer. When we were finally on the walls the crew went wild, trying all different types of courses and even challenging one another to see how fast and high they could climb. This activity is focused greatly on a few specific strengths, namely being trust, team work, bravery and kindness. Without these aspects our students would not feel safe climbing as they would not have someone helping them, or have faith in the one belaying them. Additionally supporting a climber or belayer when they are struggling is a great product of the challenging space. When we finished the session we thanked the crew and moved on to the station for a final drop off, finishing the day with adrenaline still pumping.

On Friday the 27th we met the crew back at Collingwood station and headed straight for the Yarra river for our canoeing day. The group were eager but also wary, not all having vast knowledge of how to paddle. When we entered the space we went over ground rules and what we expected with behaviour on the water as well as their language. Challenging situations can be stressful, which allows us to snap or act out easier than when we feel in control. With this activity being on the water and having students new to this space, we talked over how we expect the group to talk to one another and what to bring for the warm day ahead. Once we collectively brought down the canoeing supplies, we slipped on the safety gear before going over some paddling techniques and playing a short game. When we finally paired up and hit the water it was a quick learning period before we headed down the river to the Tea Gardens. During our paddle we had many twists and turns but the pairs made quick work and communicated well during our travels. Along our trip we even came across a Flying Foxes gathering area. This space has to be silent as when we went by the mothers had babies latched onto them upside down! And what a beautiful site it was. When we finally came across the tea garden we pulled our canoes out before heading for a break. The group ate, chatted and played during our time, talking about the paddle and the weekend ahead. When we finally came back to the canoes we switched up partners and made our way back to our beginning. The paddle was quicker as we followed the water's current and the group had so much energy they even raced to the finish. When we did finish for the day we collectively took the canoes and supplies to the trailer before loading them on and quickly getting the hardest part of the day over easily. After this we did a group reflection talking about how the individual to our left communicated during our paddle. This is a way to begin reflections on others actions and talk about the strengths others witnessed within the group, and is something we aim to continue for the group in future weeks.

Everyone handled great challenges this week and should be proud of how well they did and how they persisted even in difficulties :-)


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