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Hello Everyone!

What a first week we have had, and so busy! Here is the start of your weekly breakdown of what we have accomplished and the photos to go along with it 😀 Enjoy!

On Wednesday the 18th of October we collected for the very first time at Roxburgh Park Station. The crew was all ready to go eager but nervous for the first day to commence. We began with grabbing some snacks before heading to the Roxburgh Park Youth Centre, a space we will frequent this term as a base of sorts. The group eased into the day with a few introduction games, and setting our values for the term ahead as a group. Listing off their own values, we collectively came to our own 5 values.

  1. Honesty

  2. Love/Support Network

  3. Fun

  4. Loyalty

  5. Respect

These 5 values represent what as a group our young people want to hold themselves too and how they wish to treat one another during our time together. Once our values were acknowledged and accepted by the group we broke for lunch. When we re-grouped we had a quick game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ before completing individual questionnaires. These range in topics about them personally and are tools that allow us to see where as individuals each student might be facing challenges. The crew were extremely focused and took their time on these questionnaires, and once done we left for a break in the sunshine. We had a chill down session between activities and played some catch, had turns on swings and a good chat before heading to our gym session for the day, at Broadmeadows Leisure Centre. When we entered we met with Willem, a trainer who had created a circuit routine for us. Though new to the concept of circuits the group caught on quickly and paired up quickly for the session. The crew powered through each activity, and although learning on the spot did extremely well in this space. Once done we thanked Willem, looking forward to seeing him in future sessions, and had another chill chat in the sun before dropping off for the day.

On Thursday the 19th we joined our crew bright and early at Collingwood Station. Everyone met on time and was cheery for the day ahead. Introducing the crew to Oli, our volunteer, who will be joining us for most of the term, we filled into the bus for the day ahead. We headed off to Sherbrooke Falls, a beautiful forest located in the outer east yarra ranges shire. Walking through this space we talked about nature and what we should do while in these natural spaces to conserve them. Taking breaks to look around during the walk everyone mixed amongst the group. When we finished our bushwalking experience we braked for a quick lunch, talking of our future camps and meals together. Once we came up with a few ideas for the future we headed to the bus and straight for TreeTops Adventure, a high ropes course in Belgrave. This space is a challenge by choice, where our crew listened intently during the orientation before choosing their challenge. Everyone gave the routes a go and took their time as they progressed while supporting one another along the way. After this session we spoke about the others in the group, and about something they did that they should be proud of, as a way to acknowledge what others had achieved and support them.

On Friday the 20th we collected at Collingwood once again. Once together we touched base about what type of people we want to be recognised as during our time together. This question was posed to the group at the end of thursday for them to have time to ponder. When asked everyone described being kind, supportive and funny as ways they want to be recognised which was a positive note to begin our day. We first went for another gym session, this time visiting Fitzroy Leisure Centre, where we began with a quick gym session. We did some stretches as we gave the group some ground rules: staying in a pair, not pushing too hard and giving things a go. The crew were eager and happy to try new things and were able to work up a sweat within our short period. When done we collected again for a finishing stretch and let them get changed for a swim test. The group eased into the pool, some needing some coaxing, but in the end everyone had a dip before starting our tests. With the tasks at hand of treading water, swimming a distance and duck dives, showing their levels of swim ability for our assessment. With satisfied results we let them have 15 minutes free play which was filled with dives, cannonballs and splashing. When we finally got dry after the session we broke for lunch, chilling and chatting for a time before heading for Melbourne Polytechnic Fairfield. When there we met with Ash, a Landscaper by trade and Teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic. Ash takes us through the aspects of TAFE and landscaping specifically, explaining what they do and taking the crew through how to make a paved pathway. Following step by step the groups of 3 made their paths, everyone communicating and being able to get to the end result with a couple notes by Ash. When done the group admired their work before getting a quick pic and then thanking Ash for the activity and packing up the supplies. The group was quick about their work, cleaning and being dropped off for the weekend.

Everyone did amazingly this week, coming into a new and different environment and creating their own, new social group. We look forward to the weeks to come with them all 😃


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