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Eltham Term Week 4 2020

We are in the second last week of the Newstart term and this week is an exciting one.

We started the week back at our local hub this term at Eltham leisure centre to do our second last gym session. We met Brad, had a quick chat about nutrition and then got stuck into our personalised programs. Over the last three weeks its nice to see the crew getting stronger and working on their form. By the end of the session everyone had completed their whole program and participated in the longest wall sit every conducted (at least it felt like that!). After this we had a quick chat with Luke from Healthability about our flight, fight or freeze response and how that might come up tomorrow when we go caving. We finished the day by participating in some street art at Jets Studios. Jets Studios are a wonderful youth space that hold workshops, events and offer a lot of opportunity for the young people. With help from Lisa the team was able to sketch and then recreate that sketch with spray paint.

Thursday was a big day as we went caving! We picked everyone up from Collingwood and drove straight to Britannia Creek Caves. Once at the cave we had a safety brief, geared up in overalls and head torches and got straight in. Seeing the entrance of the cave, everyone was a bit nervous but with some encouragement and a few nervous laughs we were crawling through the rocks and making our way deeper into the cave. After squeezing, rolling and awkwardly manoeuvring ourselves through the cave twice we ended the day with a walk through the rainforest.

Friday is surfing day! With the sun shining we picked everyone up from Collingwood and drove straight to Torquay. Once at Torquay we met with Darcy from TSA, put on our wetsuits, grabbed a board and got straight into the lesson. After covering the basics on how to paddle and get to our feet we got in the water and gave it a go. With credit to everyone they gave it their all today. Everyone listened to the advice from Darcy and did their best to get to their knees and feet! During this day we focus on the three P's - Patience, participation and perseverance. Everyone did well to meet these three P's and we all went home a little tired but filled with a feeling of accomplishment.


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