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Eltham Term Week 3 2020

It's camp week on the program and a bike focused week as we prepare to ride from Alexandra to Yea on the Great Victorian Rail Trail.

Wednesday was about practicing our bike riding abilities. We picked up the crew, met Brad and got started on our bike ride. Everyone did really well to follow the A B C D D E of bike safety and was geared up and riding before we knew it. On this day we start our ride at the football field in Eltham and then ride along the rive on the trails and bike paths. With credit to everyone, they took every challenge thrown at them and gave all that we could on this ride. After lunch in the shade we pack up our bikes, did some journal work and went home.

Thursday was the first day of our camp! We picked up everyone at Collingwood station, packed our bags for the next two days and started our journey to Alexandra. Once in Alexandra we geared up in our bike gear and got ready for a 17.5 kilometre bike ride. The start of the ride was the hardest with a hill and a bit of discomfort getting use to the seats. With a focus on growth mindsets and our character strength goal everyone was able to overcome this and we arrived at

Molesworth caravan park in record time. Once at the campsite we put up our tents, cooked a barbecue dinner and debriefed the day by the fire.

Friday we woke up and got straight to work packing down our tents and having breakfast. Once we had fulled up we got on our bikes and started our 17 kilometre ride to Yea. This day was a challenging one as the first half of the ride was up a steady incline. The reward at the top of the hill was cheviot tunnel. Cheviot tunnel is an old railway tunnel that was built by hand in 1970 and is still standing today in excellent condition. By working together and focusing on the rewards of our ride we were able to make it up the hill, few rides through the tunnel and start our downhill trek to Yea. Once at Yea we packed up the bikes, debriefed the camp and made out journey back home.


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