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Eltham Term Week 1 2020

Hello everyone and who can believe we are finally here! This year has been chaotic to say the least and here at Operation Newstart Northern we are thrilled to be running a program and working with the students again.

To start this term we had a one off day on Friday to meet the group and start out PT sessions. We started by picking everyone up from Eltham station and heading straight to Edendale Farm to play some ice breaker games, talk about respectful relationships and set our group code of conduct. With credit to everyone they did well to stay focused on the task and get everything done in an attentive and well throughout way. By the end of the session we had learned a little about everyone and had set out group code of conduct of respect, trust, commitment, honesty and kindness. During this time we also were given the opportunity explore the farm and feed some chickens.

After this we drove straight to Eltham Leisure Centre and met with Brad for our first PT session. Through this term we will be having a session a week with Brad to work on our own personal fitness goals and to explore and experience the gym. With Brads guidance we ran, lunged, chest pressed and squatted our way through the session. Everyone gave it their all and worked hard to finish the day on a high.


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