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Yarra Term Week 6 2020

This week is a bitter sweet week as it is the final week for this group. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that have occurred from DET we have had to cancel our camp and cut the program short. it is a big loss to everyone involved on the program but we intend to make the most of it.

Wednesday was a day to reflect. We got the crew together and all shared in remembering some key parts of the program. We looked at our favourite activity, most challenging activity, a character strength we developed and on feedback we have received and would give to future Newstart students. We also completed our journals and went through the videos for the term to put together in a movie. We played in the gym and had a shared lunch that was cooked at the school. Being restricted to the school everyone did a great job at making the most of this day and engaging in everything that we did.

Thursday was more of a fun day as the young people presented individual presentations of their time on Newstart and we all watched a movie. The presentations were on what the young people have learnt through this journey. We focused on what the key activities were for them and on a character strength that they feel they have developed. Everyone got up and spoke for roughly two minutes and did well at presenting to the group. We then got pizza and went to a quite park and had lunch in the sun. We finished the day with a movie and said our goodbyes for the term.

Although the term is over, we are planning to reschedule the graduation for when the time is right and DET approve. Regardless of this, all the young people should feel extremely proud of their efforts and should return back to school with a sense of pride. Thank you to all the parents, schools and supporters of the program. Well done again to all the Term 1 2020 Newstarters.

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