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Yarra Term Week 4 2020

Wednesday we picked everyone up and drove straight to Richmond gym to meet with Andrew and work up a sweat. We did cardio, weights, abs, legs and stretching. As always Andrew pushed us during the session and everyone participated to their full amount. After this we went to Bunnings and met with David and Sam to have a tour and to have a play on some of the tools. This tour is a great opportunity for the young people to start thinking about pathways and part time job possibility. David and Sam spoil us by giving us food and refreshments and its always a pleasure to return back to Bunnings.

Thursday started with a bang as we had perfect surf conditions for our first lesson. After driving to Bancorra and dropping off our stuff we went to cosy corner in Torquay and met with Kev form Torquay Surf Academy. With Kev we covered the bases on how to catch and stand up on a wave. During this camp we focus on the three P's. These are perseverance, persistence, and patience. Everyone did extremely well to to listen to his advice and get to their knees if not their feet. After getting out of our wet suits we had some hot chips and potato cakes by the beach then drove to Bells beach to watch the surfers and take in the scenery. We made it back to Bancoora in good time to cook dinner, play some pool, have some one on one chats and get an early night.

Friday was an early start as we were up, fed and in the water by 8am! We met with Kev, had a quick recap then got straight in. The surf conditions at Bancoora are a bit bigger and rougher than those at cosy corner. Everyone did really well to be in the water for the two hours and catch waves. By the end of the session everyone stood up more than once and everyone was able to use the three P's well. We went back to the surf club, showered, had lunch then made out way home.

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