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Enhance Term Week 3 2019

This week was an exciting week as it was our first camp for the term! The reflections that we are using for this week are from the Newstart staff, Yota and Jasmine. Yota is reflecting on day one of camp (when we went cross country skiing) and Jasmine is reflecting on day two (when we went rafting on big river).

We started this week with a focus on our community project. We picked up the students from Collingwood station and went straight to Yarra Youth Services to met with Jacintho who was teaching us about film making. With admiration to Jacintho he did an excellent job at teaching us the basic of documentary making. He broke down the why of documentary making to make sure we know what out purpose was and then covered the how to. During the who to the young people were able to take on roles and physically shoot a small scene for a documentary. Some of the young people also jumped on the computer to learn the basics of how to build a documentary on the computers. After retaining all this knowledge we said goodbye to Jacintho and drove to CAS to finish our cycle on course. We met with Steve from cycle on and got stuck into the lesson. We covered turning, pedalling and the basics of riding a bike. Steve was nice enough to allow the students to interview him for our documentary too which allowed everyone to apply what they had learnt form the morning session. We said goodbye at 3:30 and left feeling excited for our first camp.

The camps this term are special ones as we group up with the Operation Newstart Western crew. This means that the students get to meet 8 other young people who are doing the same thing they are. Once we met the Newstart Western young people our northern crew made them feel right at home. They went our of their way to be friendly and showed great leadership in getting along with everyone as a whole. On both days everyone was chatting to each other and building connections that will strengthen further on our Mount buller camp next week. The last thing I wil add about this weeks camp p is that it was a great camp that pushed us all and allowed us to achieve a lot. Everyone should be proud of their efforts over the two days.

Camp day one by Yota.

Rubicon camp was filled for me at the very least with firsts. It was my first time going skiing, my first time rafting and my first time sleeping in the same bed as another guy *cough ali. Wednesday skiing was probably the most fun experience I ever had or at the very least in operation newstart. Although I was slow to pick it up i was able to with enough adequacy, ski down a bumpy hill and stay up right probably the one greatest achievement made by man kind since thomas edison and his lightbulb that he didn’t invent.

Camp day 2 by Jasmine M.

Yesterday we went rafting and it was so fun! Luckily I didn’t fall in or anything haha. Brendon kept splashing the other boats and it was really funny. I also jumped off our raft and it was so cold that I felt like I was going to be sick. We had to make our lunch the morning before we left and I made two sandwiches and packed two biscuits and a slice. They also brought Cup a Soup and I had the chicken and vegetable one. It was loads of fun and I’d definitely go again. The rapids were so big!

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