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Moreland Term Week 6 2019

This week was action-packed with activities that would challenge our mental and physical capabilities. On Wednesday, we picked up the students at Collingwood station and drove back to the alternative school where we got prepared for our epic bike ride through the Yarra river trail to Federation Square. The students did a wonderful job of helping us get the bikes on the trailer as we made our way to the trail where we would be cycling alongside the river with amazing and beautiful sceneries. Upon arriving, we had a discussion with the students about safety and incorporated the A-B-C-D-E bike check procedure to ensure that the bikes were safe to ride before entering the trail. During the bike ride, the students showed great communication skills, leadership and teamwork as they managed to stay in formation without leaving anyone behind as well as demonstrating support and encouragement towards their peers when needed. Once we arrived at Federation Square, the team went for a quick stroll through Hosier Lane to see some of the amazing and brilliant street art in Melbourne. After that, the crew got some time to relax and have lunch at Federation square before heading back to the bike trail. After cycling, the team had a small debrief about the activity and we were all proud that we completed the bike ride.

Thursday started off with a quick but competitive game of volleyball (teachers vs students) at the alternative school before the team began their camp pack for their horse-riding camp. After successfully planning and preparing their camp pack, the crew made their way to Maribyrnong Youth Club to do some boxing training with Sal. Sal is a former boxer and is now working for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. The team was put through a high intensity boxing workout by Sal that was incredibly challenging mentally and physically. The students showed great resilience, courage and determination throughout the workout and it definitely showed as everyone was exhausted after the activity. Although the team was exhausted, we were all feeling great about ourselves and proud that we gave it our absolute best during the session! After the workout, Sal spoke about fire safety and raised some important points about fire hazards, procedures and precautions to educate the students and encourage them to more mindful when dealing with fire at home or outdoors.

To end such a fantastic week, the team on Friday went caving at Britannia creek caves! It was good to see all the students were well-prepared and organised with the correct gear and clothes needed for the day. In the morning, we met all the students at Collingwood station where we began our little road trip to our caving destination that was located outside of the inner city. Once there, the students swiftly put on their overalls, helmets and boots as they seemed extremely excited yet anxious to enter the caves! The students showed a lot of determination, courage, bravery and resilience despite being afraid of the darkness and obstacles that were arising as we travelled deeper into the cave. Additionally, the young people demonstrated strong communication skills and teamwork as each person made sure everyone was safe and okay while moving through the cave. Every student supported their peers by sending words of encouragement and making sure no one was left behind. The activity was a success and all the students should be extremely proud of themselves as caving can be exceptionally challenging and difficult. After exiting the cave, we had a small debrief of the activity before taking a little walk through the evergreen forest to our bus; where we got changed and had our well-deserved lunch! The students showed a lot of personal growth and development through the caving activity. It was a great effort from the team and it was definitely one to remember!

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