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Moreland Term Week 1 2019

Welcome to first blog of Term 2 2019! We are working within the Moreland council area and can’t wait to work with all the amazing schools and services that we have access to. This blog will be updated every week and will give you an insight into the activities and workshops we’ve been doing.

his week started at our local hub this term, Oxygen Youth services. We met the students at Oxygen who all arrived on time and ready to go. It was great to see everyone come prepared for the day and ready to connect. We said a quick hello, played a little pool and got stuck into introducing ourselves. With credit to the young people they all did a great job at opening up and connecting with everyone. We learnt about what everyone’s favourite food is, how many siblings they have, what their favourite movie and TV show is and what they are looking forward to on the program. After this we got stuck into setting our group code of conduct and values. The students offered a range of different values and with a diplomatic voting system we settled on the five values of honesty, respect, teamwork, communication, loyalty. We then had some lunch, played some basketball and drove to Maribyrnong Youth Club to do some boxing with Sal. Sal is a long-term boxer and friend of the program from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. He has this incredible ability to push the young people in the session to get the most out of them. He works on dedication and attitude and managers to always get 110% out the young people. After getting to know Sal and working up a sweat we said our goodbyes and left feeling tired but excited for tomorrow.

Friday was an active day on the program as we were completing the Kokoda Track Memorial walk (also known as the 1000 steps) and Trees Adventure high ropes course. We met the students at Collingwood station and drove straight to the Kokoda Memorial Track. This hike is located in the beautiful Dandenong Rangers and not only prepares the young people for our hike camp next week, but teaches them a little about our history in the Vietnam war. On this hike we focus on resilience and growth mindsets. Through doing this we work our bodies and mind and find ways to cope with how we are feeling. We also give the young people the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills by getting them to manage the speed that we hike and the number of breaks that we take. After this we made our way to the Trees Adventure in Belgrave. The Trees Adventures is a series of obstacle courses in the trees that has different height levels, flying foxes, cargo nets, wobbling platforms and free falls. We all participated in completing multiple tracks, and each young person challenged themselves and encouraged each other to face their fears. It was a great day overall and we left with a sense of pride and accomplishment in what we had achieved.


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