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Enhance Term week 3 2018

We're mid way through the program and it is flying by. This week is unofficially dubbed as our community project week as it is all about bikes and our community project!

We started the week by having a visit from the students from the Collingwood English language school. We started the session with a few games to get us moving. The Newstart students took charge and lead a few round of the games dodge-ball and octopus. After we were all settled in and ready to learn the Newstart crew started teaching the A B C D E of bike safety. In pairs they each had their own station that they had to teach to the whole class and then practically teach to a smaller group of students. With their leadership skills in play and geared up with all the information they needed they did an amazing job. Each CELS student learnt critical bike safety tips and the Newstart crew had a blast. From here we walked to Avanti bikes to met Jack who showed us how to build the bikes that we will be donating. With massive thanks to Jack we were able to gain tips on how to build the bikes safely so they were up to code. We then finished the day with a 'how to' lesson from Tony from the Victorian Police. Tony practically taught the young people how to teach other students how to ride a bike and went over how they can ride/model good bike riding behaviour. It was a big day today filled with lots of knowledge and practically bike riding skills.

Thursday saw the bike theme follow on with a with a visit from Good Cycles to help us build our bikes. We spent the morning with Donovan and Rebecca who came prepared with lots of bike tools. We each grabbed a bike, set it up on the stand and got started putting them together. With respect to the young people all of them took charge of all forms of leadership by building their bike and helping others with theirs. With music playing and the energy high we were able to finish the bike building before lunch. After this we went through how to fix a punctured tyre - a valuable lesson for all of us who watched and then participated in the demonstration. To end the day we had a shared lunch and planned tomorrows lesson with the CELS students.

Friday saw the young people utilising their leadership skills and running a bike workshop the kids from the English language school whom they worked with last week. Our young people split the kids into two groups, where one group where teaching the kids all about bikes, including bike safety, bike control and even the general aspects of a bike to make sure once they start riding they know everything there is to know about riding safely, our young people took this task very seriously and overcame the language barriers by using role play, hand gestures and sounding out words, which was very encouraging for the kids that were eager to learn. The groups switched over and in the gym the young people were assisting the kids in learning how to ride a bike, supporting them as they learnt how to use their pedals, handlebars and brakes. Our group were super encouraging and welcoming to these kids and coped extremely well when trying to adapt the barriers between language that arose and showcased their leadership and teamwork skills that we have been focusing on over the last few weeks! Good job guys! The rest of the day involved learning all about how to be safe up at the snow in preparation for Mt Buller next week, which all the young people are so excited for!

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