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Yarra Week 4 2018

Its week 4 and were already half way through this program! Time has flown by and this week was no exception to this.

Wednesday started with a buzz as we were heading back to Yarra Youth Services to work on our collaborative piece. With help from Brodie the young people got stuck into spray painting a letter of the word freedom each. With the colour scheme of blues and greens the young people were all able to put their own style into their letter, and created some outstanding work. Although each young person worked independently to finish their piece, collaboratively they all flowed together. We then finished the day with a

trip to NMIT in Fairfield for our second tafe taster for the term. We met with Anne Marie from Floristry and got busy creating a decorative floral piece. Everyone really engaged with the task and gave it their all to proudly create the arrangement.

The rest of the week was spent down at the beach in beautiful Torquay. After the drive up we set ourselves up in the perfectly located Bancoora life saving club and had some lunch. We then met our surf instructor Dave, put on our wetsuits and headed to the beach. After a brief overview on how to surf on the beach we all headed into the water and started our lesson. It was impressive to see how much effort everyone put in to mastering the technique as all of us caught a wave and got to our knees or feet. We then made the most of our afternoon and headed down to Torquay to indulge in some hot chips and visit the world famous Bells Beach. The night ended with good food, some pool and a much needed early night.

Friday morning we were up early and ready to get surfing again by 9am! Once we had finished eating and packing up we met Dave, suited up and jumped straight into the water. We were lucky enough to have good surf conditions on both days which made this all the more enjoyable. By the end of this session each young person had stood up on the board or had given it their all to get on their knees. We all pushed through the physical demand that surfing requires and met the requirements of the 3 P'S we were focusing on. These were participation, persistence and perseverance. The day ended with some lunch, a quick snooze on the bus and a well earned slurpee.

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