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Yarra Week 3 2018

Week 3 started off strong with a visit to Headspace in Collingwood. At headspace we met with Jess and learnt a bit about what Headspace do. We covered what services they offer and how the young people can access the services if they would like too. Through interactive activities we also discussed the topics of stress, stress management, mindfulness and meditation. The session was great as the young people were able to learn about the space, learn stress management techniques and got to have some downtime through a mindful breathing exercise. Wednesday afternoon then saw us heading to to Yarra Youth Services (YYS) to partake in an art workshop. There, we worked with Brody on how to spray paint, how to use an air brush machine and on some techniques we can use when using both. The young people were able to practice on paper and then translate this on to a wall which really get their creativity flowing. The day finished by coming together to admire our work and decide on the word freedom to use next week for our collaborative project.

Thursday morning saw us head to Bunnings to get a tour of the store and a participate in a DIY task. David and Paul guided us through the store and on the safety and proper use of the tools. Each young person was able to get on the tools and get an introduction into a possible place of work. The session ended with the young people being treated to food, drinks and free Bunnings merchandise. The second half of the day saw us head to Collingwood leisure centre to work with Andrew to work up a sweat. We hit the machines to do some cardio, participated in a set of circuit drills and then finished off with some stretching.

We finished the week by heading down to South Melbourne Surf life saving club. At the club we met Alison who taught us how to preform CPR in a step by step sequence. The young people were able to practice on each other, dummies and with help from Bianca from YSAS picked it up in no time. We then put on our bathers, some sunscreen and headed into the water on the surf rescue boards. In the water we had a go at paddling, getting comfortable on the boards and practised water safety signals. It was a great way to end the week and a good exercise to undertake before surf camp next week.

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