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Hume Week 5 2017

We have passed the half way mark! This week we started the program at Roxburgh Park youth services again. All the students completed a theatre workshop which saw them firstly outline and draw all things reflecting the community they live in. They were then prompted to write a range of sentences explaining all the pictures they had brainstormed. This was then collaborated into a rap and the students were asked to act out all that had been put together. It was a fantastic way to see all the students participate in something different like a theatre workshop; all the students got into characters extremely well and all students really enjoyed the workshop. It was a fun filled way to start the day. After a quick bite to eat we were off the Dianella Community Health in Broadmeadows for an interactive session into Dietetics and Nutrition. It was great to see all the students’ participating and asking lots of questions in regards to healthy eating and lifestyles. Dianella also informed the students that they not only offer services on a wide range of nutrition-related issues but also services such as counselling and psychology, physiotherapy, podiatry and all medical services.

Thursday was our students second day at the Reach workshops. We got some really great feedback about the day, with the students learning and sharing important values in their lives. Positive feedback came not only from the students but also from Reach, which was really great to hear about the way everyone conducted themselves throughout the day.

Friday was a big physical day on the program- caving! This can be one of the most daunting days on the program for our students, as it is difficult to know what to expect, or how you're going to react. After a longer bus trip we arrived at the Britannia Creek cave, where the students got all kitted up with overalls, helmets and head torches. Upon seeing the opening of the cave there was quite a lot of apprehension however all the students spent the next few hours moving smoothly through the cave as a team. It was wonderful to see some really great communication, as well as a lot of support both physically and verbally. The students took on the challenge well, taking turns to navigate through the cave and lead the group. Caving is both physically and mentally demanding and everyone should be really proud of the huge effort they put into this activity and finishing off the week on such a great note.

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