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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back to the Operation Newstart blog for 2017. We're excited to be running another four Newstart programs this year and we've been busy planning to make it a great year.

Amongst lots of meetings, planning and interviewing students, Jane was fortunate to be able to attend the Hume Community Grants Presentation Night in Craigieburn. Hume City Council have been a huge supporter of the program, providing us with funding to run the program over the last few years. We are really grateful for this support and attending the evening was a wonderful way to learn about some of the many other community organisations the council supports.

We won't be spending a lot of time over in Hume until second term, as we're starting off the year in the Yarra council area. We're really looking forward to this term as we have some fantastic activities planned and we're hoping for some beautiful weather. It's only a short term, but I think it'll be a good one!

Check out some photos below of some of the wonderful demonstrations at the Hume event.

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