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Banyule/Nillumbik 2016 Week Six

Week 6 on the program started off again at the YMCA with Jordan. This week we spent time in the gym, learning to use some of the wide range of equipment available. This was really valuable information to have, as it helps the students know what kind of exercises they can undertake using their memberships. After the gym we headed out to Grey Horse Growth and Learning to spend the afternoon with Maggie and her horses. This was a really nice afternoon spent learning about communication styles and working with the horses. There is a big emphasis on relationships, and developing a relationship with the animals.

Thursday was the second day of Reach Grounded workshops. The second workshop in the series explores judgement and aims to empower young people to connect to their strengths, purpose and potential in order to set positive goals for the future. The students spent the day working through different activities with a range of other young people participating in the workshop.

We had our second TAFE taster on Friday morning, where we headed to Melbourne Polytechnic in Heidelberg to spend some time in the Engineering department. In this taster the students got to make their very own saw by bending and cutting metal. After this session we headed back to CAS to prepare for camp next week. This involved preparing the bikes for the ride, packing the tents and other sleeping gear, and of course planning a shopping list.

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