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Enhance 2016 Week Three

Once again we started our week off at the Library at the Dock, where we got stuck into reviewing all of the photos and B Roll footage from last week's experiences. The students selected the best for the documentary and began putting them together. A couple of the students also spent time writing and practicing an intro song for the doco as well. From the library we headed up to SYN radio for a podcast workshop. We met Josh who guided us through the process of making a radio show before giving the students time to plan for their own show. Once we'd written down a few notes the students headed into the studio to record a podcast. They all did a great job and I can see a few careers in radio coming up! We ended up the day with a visit to Melbourne Museum to check out some of the fantastic exhibitions.

Thursday was spent at Yarra Youth where we had a full day to work on the documentary. It’s coming along really well- the students recorded a song and a number of voiceovers ready to lay over the interviews and B roll footage they’ve been preparing. The students are continuing to learn a wide range of editing tips, including how to change the length and sound of clips, adding photos and sound, as well as text and other effects.

The end of this week was spent doing First Aid and learning about safety on the mountain before ski camp. Ben from Survive First Aid came in and gave a great first aid presentation to our guys and the Western Newstart group. The students learnt CPR and we’re very proud of everyone for successfully passing their certificate. The end of the day was finished off with a presentation on Snow Safety, getting everyone prepared and excited about camp next week. Everyone now knows what they need to bring and the very basics of skiing and snowboarding, and we can't wait to see all the students out on the slopes!

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