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Enhance 2016 Week Two

The second week of the Enhance program started off with an incredibly jam packed Wednesday. We started out at the library where we started learning a few editing techniques with Baz. We had footage from CERES to work with, and next week we will be able to begin putting the doco together with footage from all our experiences.

We headed into the city from the Docklands after this session to meet Belinda at Frontyard Youth Services. Frontyard is helping tackle youth homelessness by providing a huge range of services and supports to those who are at risk of or are homeless. She told us all about individual's experiences and showed us around the area.

From Frontyard we headed over to the Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square for our first of two Indigenous Awareness experiences this week. Here we were guided by Donna who gave us lots of info about Indigenous history and culture. There are a lot of fantastic displays around the area available to the public and it was really interesting to get the history of them.

The rest of week two was spent on our first camp! We headed out early Thursday morning to the You Yangs for a day full of abseilng and bike riding. We started off with abseiling where everyone had at least one go going down Big Rock, with everyone overcoming their fears and giving it a great shot. After the abseil and a lunch break we headed out on the moutain bikes to check out some of the great tracks that are on offer. The group worked wonderfully together and moved exremely quickly through the course. After packing up the bikes we headed down to Bancoora Surf Lifesaving Club where we were staying for the night. We had plenty of time to go for a beach walk, hang out and play pool, and cook a delicious BBQ dinner together. Everyone pitched in and helped prepare (and do the dishes!) which made for a nice relaxing evening.

Friday started off focusing on our documentary and project work. There were lots of great ideas and we're getting closer to knowing what our final product will be. The students are all working together on a documentary they will be sharing (along with doing a few extra activities) with a younger class once they've finished the program.

After this great planning session and a pancake breakfast we headed into Geelong where we met with Nikayla at Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre. She gave us a great insight into Aboriginal culture including the use of various plants and how to throw a booomerang. It was a really enjoyable end to the week. After all our different experiences the students have heaps of footage and knowledge to get stuck into making the doco next week.

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