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Hello everyone!

What a week we have had and oh my what we have accomplished!

On Wednesday the 1st of November we collected the group at roxburgh park station. We quickly headed off towards the city for a street art session with Brody X, a commissioned street artist that works alongside the Yarra Youth Centre to provide a creative space for the local young people. During this time our group was able to utilise the walls and props to create their own pieces or trial some skills with the spray cans. During the time the students worked together and solo and discussed in detail to better perfect their art. Once we finished this session we ate our lunch and played a a game of pool and table tennis before heading off to our tafe tour at Kangan Batman. During our tour we got to explore the the entire campus asking any questions about courses and the space. The students were able to experience a new space and type of learning that is optional for a way of continuing or better improving their education in the future. When we finally finished the tour we collected in the bus to review our time together. We asked the students the questions of what they would like us to know as workers about them and what they would like their parents to know to better improve our time together. This was later talked about in the parent session where we explored the many aspects of the program and how we aim to improve the students out looks on their education.

On Thursday the 2nd we met our group at Collingwood station for a session of white water rafting! The crew were excited and pumping with energy, moving quickly to the bus, eager for the day ahead. When we arrived we met with Neil and Mark, two RUBICON Outdoor workers who instructed and lead our session. The crew slid into their wetsuits and additional gear before listening up for the safety instructions. Mark led the group through the many ways to paddle and they all reflected on the previous experience paddling with our canoeing session. The crew were quick to adapt and when they finally hit the water they worked in their pairs of two and went step by step through their different type of paddle strokes. When they were ready the group headed off down stream at their own pace chatting along the way and enjoying the calmness of nature. When finally reaching our first rapids the students went in pairs down the rapids giggling and cheering when they completed their turns. This continued on in the future rapids and even stopping for lunch never slowed us down, each pair enjoying their rides. Some of the students even went for a dip, both intentionally and not as they continued down the river, switching boats and changing positions to experience different ways to raft down the river. This was a truly enjoyable day and each and every student should be proud of their progress.

On Friday the 3rd, our group collected once again at Collingwood for another water activity, this time, surf life saving. In this session we headed to south melbourne surf club, and met with Rhys, a professional life guard. Rhys welcomed us to the space letting us explore and check out the storage shed and tower. When we had our fair share of looking around and talking about the many dangers of the beach, we headed to the lounge to talk further about Surf Life Saving Victoria. After this we looked closer at saving lives by going to the basics of first aid. We even got to experience cpr by working mannequins and going throught a 5 minute round on constant compressions. When done we had a quick lunch break before changing again into wet suits and heading off to the water. Taking turns in a beach buggy we went got some boards and followed Rhys into the water. When out the students had their time to experience the boards and beating water, battling the tide before riding it back to the beach to begin some rescue missions. Each student had their turn running to the water and being a person in need before their partners rushed to the water to save them with their boards. Many flipped and giggles were all round as everyone had their go. When done they did a relay rushing out against the waves and coming back before sprinting towards the road and back. This was to experience the basics of the Bronze Medallion, a training course to become certified Surf Life Saving Patrol Operators. When done we played some quick race games, finding Tas as our over all sprint champion, before finishing for the day and cleaning up for heading for the weekend.

This week was filled with new and exhilarating experiences and everyone did extremely well to persist and achieve their goals for the week. Well done!


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