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Hello everyone!

Week 2 down, including 1 of our 3 camps! Yay! And on to the revised run down of our week 2 events.

On Wednesday the 10th we began the day with an early morning gym session. We include a variety of physical activities throughout the program to allow students insite to the resources available to them, and potentially find a hobby or outlet along the way. Being led by our great trainer Andrew at Richmond Recreation Centre, we completed a circuit before having some free roaming of the space. After this we then moved on to a swim test, something to ensure the students safety and abilities to us staff during our water based activities. With the morning session completed we moved on to Collingwood Alternative School (CAS) for some quick camp preparation. During this time we chose our group meal, along with answering some well thought out questions from our crew about our hike trip. Once ready to move on we thanked the CAS space and greeted our local Headspace staff. Lucy and Liam, our lovely Headspace workers, helped us learn a bit more about their services and held a very thorough conversation on mental health, with our students having their fair share of input. After this session we delved into our goals, something we will be eager to develop throughout our time together. We additionally were able to meet Joelle, our YSAS worker who would be accompanying us throughout the term. After all this the students were dropped off back at Collingwood station and began their own preparation for the camp ahead of them.

On Thursday the 11th, collecting our crew at Collingwood Station we headed off to CAS to grab our well needed supplies for the hike ahead of us. Everyone prepared their own hike bag and helped with the loading of the bus before we headed off on our long journey to the Cathedral Ranges. With the distance before us we chatted and got to know Joelle a bit more as it was the first period of time the students would be able to really get to know her. When at the Cathedral Ranges we dropped off our food and water supplies before heading to our hike track. This highly anticipated activity left a lot of our group nervous with the thought of carrying our weighted hike bags all the way to our campsite. However, even with this initial hesitation everyone marched their way to the campsite within an hour. Though the group began on a more hesitant note they all eased into the walk and began to chat and laugh along our way, even stopping for breaks to look at the river we walked by or snack and laugh together. Overall it was a highly rewarding experience for all involved. When we reached our campsite we were quick to set up camp and gather all our belongings before looking at yet another walk. This was a time we took to explore a little further into the bush land and take in the scenery without our packs. Holding a quick mindfulness session in the bush we took note of what we could hear, see, feel and smell as he rested in the cool atmosphere. After this moment of relaxation and reflection we headed down the hill back to our campsite and began to prepare our dinner. This was a team effort with everyone having their own part to play and thoroughly enjoying our time together. After eating and enjoying the campfire we had lit for ourselves we were greeted with another camping group coming out from the bush land. It was a shocking and funny occurrence as we said hello before allowing them to move on as we began to wind down for the night. With a surprise of marshmallows and teddy bear biscuits we enjoyed roasting our little treats and chatted the night away before all heading off to most of our first time in tents.

On Friday the 12th, we awoke bright and early at 7am. With the hike day behind us we had a breezy breakfast before beginning our pack down from the night before. Everyone helped one another with things such as sleeping bags and their group tents, having them ready to go back to the bus. When we had finally finished packing the campsite pack down we did a quick clean up, we like to call an ‘emu bob’, and ensured the space was cleaner then we had found it. Once all in the bus we pumped up the heaters and began our journey to Marysville, looking forward to seeing the Stevenson Falls; and what a sight they were. The crew were ecstatic to see the famous falls and stood in awe of its size, before snapping a quick photo for proof (see down below). We then completed some journal work, reflecting on our resilience through the last 24 hours and all the highlights and lowlights of the trip thus far. After this we all collected once again and moved onto a picnic ground with lush forests all around us as we ate our own wrapped concoctions. After this we took a quick walking track that wraps around the space, before heading off once again back towards the city. With a stop at Lilydale Lake for the toilet we continued on to the city where we began our unpacking of gear back at CAS. When completed we dropped all the students back off at the station where they began their own paths home for the evening.

This was our first of 3 overnight camps and our crew showed great determination, bravery and positivity throughout the 2 days with a very new and challenging activity. Everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished on this trip 😀.


On Wednesday, we gathered for a gym session. What did you want to get out of these sessions?

“Getting fitter, cause I want to be healthier”

We began preparation for the camp on Wednesday, did you feel prepared enough for this trip?

“Kind of, I was ready for anything”

What could you do better for the next camp?

“Not bring so much clothes, and look at the program to see how much I would really need”

What was something you could go to Headspace for?

“Talking about your problems that you have no one else to talk to about.”

What was your favourite thing about camping?

“Making noises in the night with the boys and laughing with them.”

What was a funny moment?

“The first time I heard Stefan say ‘bloody hell laddy’ in an accent.”

What was a struggle/ challenge for you?

“Sleeping at night cause it was cold and the floor was hard. I wasn’t used to it because it was my first time camping in tents.”


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