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Hello everyone, please see the below run down for last week by our placement student adnan!

On Wednesday the 15th we gathered at Collingwood Station for a full-day session at Collingwood Children's Farm. The day was all about giving back to the community and engaging in hands-on work. We began by meeting with the farm staff, who provided us with insights into the farm and its importance within the community. Following this introduction, we set off on an exciting farm tour, exploring each area and meeting the various animals that call the farm home. After the tour, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Our main task for the day was to assist the farm staff in building a fence around the farm. This required a significant amount of teamwork and collaboration, and the group rose to the occasion remarkably. The group tackled each task from digging holes for the fence posts to ensuring stability with the right soil, everyone pitched in and learned to use different types of tools, including some electric tools. The group's dedication and teamwork were truly inspiring as they worked tirelessly to complete their tasks, making a meaningful impact on the Children's Farm.



On Thursday we gathered back at Collingwood station, we kicked off the day by heading to Collingwood Alternative School, where the group spent some time reflecting on their experiences from the recent hike camp. After the reflection session, we started preparing for our upcoming canoeing day on the Yarra River. The group helped organize the necessary equipment, ensuring everything was ready for the day ahead.

Once prepared, we made our way to the Yarra River, once we got there Brenden went over ground rules and expectations on the water. Emphasizing the importance of communication and teamwork, Brenden guided the group on how to navigate the river safely and effectively. With safety gear in place, the group paired up and hit the water. As we paddled down the river, we had the opportunity to observe the bats' tree homes, adding an element of natural wonder to our day. Despite the twists and turns along the way, the pairs worked seamlessly together, navigating the waters with ease. Upon our return, the group demonstrated their teamwork once again as we put the boats back and worked together to hoist them onto the trailer, wrapping up another successful day.



On Friday, we gathered once again at Collingwood Station and headed straight to the South Melbourne Surf Club. Our day began with a warm welcome from the staff at the surf club. We kicked off the session with a presentation providing insights into the vital role of Surf Life Saving Victoria. Following the presentation, we commenced on a tour of the club, where the students were fascinated to learn about the equipment used by lifeguards, their roles during busy days on the beach, and the safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of beachgoers.


Next up was a hands-on first aid training session, where the group demonstrated excellent teamwork and skills in using a defibrillator and CPR on mannequins. After the intensive training session, it was time for a well-deserved break before we changed into wetsuits and headed to the water. The students embraced the opportunity to experience surfing, battling the tide and riding the waves back to shore with laughter and joy. As the day progressed, the group participated in rescue missions, receiving instructions and guidance from the staff. Some students even had the chance to experience being in the surf club lifeguard buggy, adding an extra thrill to the day's activities. We wrapped up the day by packing up and changing before saying farewell to the surf club.


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