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Hello everyone!

Here is yet another blog update from yours truly. So please enjoy our little run down of how last week went for us all :-)

On Wednesday the 9th we collected at Oxygen Youth Space and headed straight off to our first activity, lyric writing. We were very thankful to have been welcomed to the Glenroy Hub, a space for all people, including things such as a library, council help and even an extensive music production studio. Thanks to Nic, a member of Merri-Bek council, and Christobel, a very talented music producer and performer, we were able to understand a little about music and what it takes to write lyrics. After finding our beat we began to write something to it. For some it was instantaneous but many else took turns with rhyming cards to figure out their stories. After writing we took a moment to record these lyrics, for those who were comfortable, before finishing up for lunch. After this we thanked Nic and Christobel before moving on to our last activity for the day, another gym session. We headed back to Coburg leisure center, saying hi to Phil before moving to start our warm up. Phil took us through varying ,achines, explaining how to use them and getting everyone to do sets before switching to a new machine. The group loved the variety and are already looking forward to our next session. After we completed our session we held a group stretch and soon finished for the day.

On Thursday the 10th, we had a day filled with canoeing ahead of us. Collecting our crew at Collingwood we went to grab our canoes for our trip. Everyone joined in, in helping us load the trailer and prepare for the day, it was truly teamwork in action. Once everything was prepared we headed to the Yarra river, at Bellbird Picnic Grounds. This space has great access to the water but is also a great open space for all to enjoy. After we had an initial talk with everyone of what we had to do, everyone came together to get our gear down to the water. We got strapped in and did a quick safety briefing before heading to the water in pairs. The crew, having previous experience in paddling from our camp the week before, flew down the river as they worked in their 2 person teams. We chatted along our ways, laughing as groups raced down the water, and falling silent as we saw a rather magnificent sight. The Yarra river is known for its accessibility but it also has something else special about it. Flying foxes make home amongst the trees along the yarra river, and as we canoed down we were blessed to see hundreds if not thousands of these little creatures sleeping overhead. The crew all did well in staying silent as we went by, looking on in awe as we paddled past these animals. Once past this area we continued on to a tea garden, taking place to stop and set aside our boats and enjoy our lunches. After a short while we paired up in some different and some the same groups before heading back to the water. we had a great time gliding back and were rather quick on our return trip. After this type of trip many groups find it difficult to muster any more energy to carry and put away the boats back onto the trailer. Our group however shone with high levels of resilience as they carried the boats and all our gear back to the bus and trailer. They did extremely well in helping us all to put away the canoes and should be proud of their never ending efforts of this day.

On Friday the 11th we had another full day, instead of canoeing, biking down the yarra bike trail. We grabbed our bikes and all gear before grabbing our crew down at the Collingwood station. We collected and after a quick trip we made our way to our parking spot, this was right next to the bike trail and perfect for our beginning. We listened as we got to know a bit about our bikes and soon enough showed ou individual skills to ensure we all understood the levels of bike safety. All activities that aren't run by outside sources are run by our own presiding teach, and this term this is Auri. She hold all relevant qualifications we would need for things such as biking, canoeing, hiking and many more. We could not do this without her involvement. Once Auri believed we were all capable of the ride we collected as a group and made our way towards the trail. Sticking to the left we all rode and chatted as we made our way through the small hills. It was a rather lovely ride with the sun soon coming out and the group enjoying their time on the bikes. About halfway there is a public bouldering wall, this is open to the community for a free and exciting new activity. After having a quick break here and trying the wall for ourselves we got back onto our bikes and continued our path. This trail takes us from the suburb of Burnley all the way to Fed Square. The team did well to listen to the trail rules, taking over whe safe, using their bells and sticking as a group in case someone fell behind. When we did get to Fed Square we had a lunch break grabbing some food and watching the FIFA soccer game that was on at the time. After our break we soon headed back to our bikes for a leisurely ride back. The crew made a quick return, so quick in fact that we had a few games of badminton and volleyball back at Collingwood Alternative School before dropping off for the week.

It has been a very activity heavy week, and although it incorporated a lot of teamwork to move and lift our gear the crew did well to overcome and supported one another in this process. Everyone that involved themselves this week should be proud of what they have accomplished.


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