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Hello everyone, for the last time.

This has been a very eventful last week, and I know that everyone in the group will miss the program, but will hopefully take home some good memories, personal growth and some friends.

Now to start us off with a reflection.

On Wednesday the 30th of November we gathered as a group to prepare for the graduation. We began with a group reflection of our time together, talking about our funniest moments and what was the most challenging part of the program. This was a great reflection for our next part, speech writing. Everyone chooses their own activity and character strength to reflect on for their speech. These moments show how the individual views not only the program but their own personal growth. With some helpful touch ups from us the crew jumped into their speeches wholeheartedly and took great efforts to get their understandings and points across. After this writing heavy session we decided to end off our program with our last boxing session with Sal. This helped us to review the importance of attitude and positive mind-set, as we worked through and even were able to complete some challenges. It was definitely a great way to sign off and get us ready for the next day, GRADUATION!

On Thursday the 1st we held our graduation as many of you know. Students arrived at 10:45am to slightly prepare before the parents and school representatives arrived for a 11am start. It was beautiful to see everyone who was able to come in support and care for their young people. Everyone got a time to speak and present different openings, awards and even endings. At the end of this we thanked everyone for attending and congratulated the young people on their amazing accomplishments, before offering some snacks and refreshments. It was a heartfelt and loving day that only became better as the crew stayed around to still hangout with one another.

On the last day, Friday the 2nd, we met at Roxburgh Park Station for the last time. Meeting later on to accommodate for those who were unable to attend earlier due to school graduations. We made quick work of filling into the bus and heading to Roxburgh Park Youth Centre, where we made headway on some final reflections and book work. Once done we enjoyed a pizza lunch and snacks before holding a makeshift graduation for those who were ill on the day of graduation. This was the perfect sign off as the group laughed and enjoyed the movie and speeches all over again.

We are extremely proud of this group and what they were able to achieve over these past few weeks. Thank you all for taking a chance on us and this program as I truly believe this will always be something to use and reflect on in the future. We wish you all the best! This program could not have been possible without all of you!

Finally I would also like to thank the city of Hume for their financial support for the program. The Hume city council for providing us the youth centre throughout the term and their endless support of the program.


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