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Yarra Term Week 5 2020

Wednesday had a change in the program as Brendon had injured his back. Instead of going caving we went to the gym and caught up on our goals and journal work. At the gym we met with Andrew and got straight into the session. We did cardio and had 'free for all' time where we could select machines or muscle groups to work on. As a group we worked our legs, arms, core and everything in between. After working up some hunger we drove to darling gardens and had lunch outside in the park. It was a rare moment on the program where we could stop and eat our lunch with no time pressure or constraint. After fuelling up we went back to CAS and everyone did well to complete their journals and review their personal and program goals.

Thursday was a great day as we were completing our community project and donating bikes to 6 newly arrived young people from Collingwood English Language School. In the morning we met with Donovan from Good Cycles and got straight into building the bikes. Each young people put together the bike that they then donated. With a safety and mechanic check from Donovan the bikes were loaded onto the trailer and we were heading to darling gardens. Once with the students and Sean the leading teacher at CELS and long term friend of the program, the young people got stuck into the lesson. Everyone had their own part to play and successfully taught the newly arrived students about bike safety.

Friday was a challenging day as we went canoeing. This day is done in preparation for our last expedition camp. We drove to Westerfolds park and met with Pagey from Rubicon who we will be camping with next week. After a quick introduction, safety chat and gear check we got into the canoes. On the river we covered the basics on how to paddle, stop, turn the canoe and navigate the river. We also participated in a capsize drill and played a game of canoe ball. After packing up all the gear we said goodbye to Pagey and were looking forward to seeing her next week.

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