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Yarra Term Week 4 2019

This week is a warm one with everyday reaching over 30 so we all settled in and prepared for a sweaty few days!

Wednesday started with a visit to the Collingwood Children's farm to do some volunteer work. We picked the team up from Collingwood station and met with Toni to find out what we would be doing on the day. We are extremely lucky here at Newstart to have been working with Toni and the Collingwood Children's farm for years now. We started the session by slopping on some sunscreen and getting straight into feeding the goats. After this Toni put us to work by giving us a section of fence to weed. Everyone did really well to stay on task and get the job done. After roughly 45 minutes of work we had successfully filling three wheelbarrows worth of weeds and were ready to feed them to more animals. We made our way down to the horses and pigs to feed them our pickings. After this we thanked and said goodbye to Toni and headed to CAS to do our bike training session. At CAS we met with Tony from Victoria police for the second time this term and got stuck into learning how to teach others how to ride a bike. This session is an important one as it is laying the foundation for our community project where we will be donating 6 bikes to 6 refugee young people. With Tony's guidance we covered the A B C D E of bike safety in more depth and participated in bike drills that we will use with the young people. After this we packed up the bikes and helmets, thanked Tony and called it a day.

Thursday started with our second and final session with the Undercurrent crew. With a focus on respectful relationships we broke off into females and males and started our session. Much like last time we did a range of different activities that focused around values, respect and the types of violence that can exist in relationships. With insightful discussions and in depth thinking the session flew by. Its admirable to see how reflective this group is and how respectful they are in these sessions. We thanked the undercurrent crew and drove to Collingwood gym for our second gym session. At the gym we were greeted by Elliot and James who are trainers at the gym as Andrew was away. We got stuck straight into it with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmills followed by 5 minutes in the spin room. After this Elliot tailored a 10 stage circuit for us that included star jumps, lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips and more. We each rotated through the circuit twice and finished the session with some free play in the gym. After this we debriefed the day in the park and made our way home.

Friday was a day spent at the beach in the sun as we were learning the basics needed for our surf camp next week. We picked everyone up at Collingwood station and drove to South Melbourne beach. Currently South Melbourne life saving club is being rebuilt so we had to run the session out of the temporary buildings that are there. We got to the beach and dove straight into the lesson. We started by covering the DRS ABCD of life saving. This happened quickly and It was great to see how quickly everyone was able to retain the information. Next we put what we had learned into play onto CPR dummies and successfully 'saved' multiple of the dummies lives. After this we had some lunch and got into the water. In the water we focused on water signals, how to paddle and the basics of a board. We played some games, did a mock rescue and then called it a day.

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