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Yarra Week 5 2018

Week five was a special week on the program as we celebrated Leilas 16th Birthday!

We started the week back at Yarra Youth Services to partake in a Hiphop workshop. We met with the talented Motley and got straight into the dynamics of music and how to write it. After a demonstration from Motley and a discussion on themes, the young people were off and writing their own raps. It was admirable to see how open the young people were to this task and how honest they were with their words. We left the service with our raps in hand and

feeling excited for tomorrow. The second half of the day was spent outside in the sun at Collingwood Children's Farm. At the farm we met with Toni who lead us to a shady spot to weed and clear a walkway. After working hard in the sun/shade we fed the pigs and goats and went home tired but with a sense of pride in the work we had done.


​​Thursday saw us change up the program to surprise Leila with a game of bowling for her birthday. We got in the bus, equip with our story that we were going to an essay writing workshop and headed to AMF. At AMF we had a friendly game of bowling which was followed by a trip to the park to cut the cake and rap our birthday song. It was a fun morning full of surprises and one that Leila assured us she enjoyed. The second half of the day was back on track as we headed to Yarra Youth services to rap our verses for our song. As each young person work with Motley alone the rest worked on some reflective tasks. After some music magic by Motley we finished the day with a completed song and some very proud young people.

The final day of this week was spent on the river practising our canoeing skills for next weeks camp. We picked up the kids at 8:45 and headed straight to the river to met with Kelto. Once there we we went over safety tips, how to paddle and jumped in the canoes. It was a day that challenged all of us in different ways and set us up well for next weeks camp.

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