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Hume Week 7 2017

In our second last week for the Newstart program we started off our week at the Collingwood Alternative School playing an intense and competitive tournament of volleyball before packing all the camp equipment for the final camp. After a quick bite to eat for lunch all the students discussed and deliberated over the menu for the camp. After much discussion of the menu we were all off to Woolworths and broken up into small groups to complete all the shopping. All the students are extremely excited for their final camp tomorrow and can’t wait for the bike ride. We rounded of a nice relaxed day with another fun game of volleyball.

Thursday saw the start of our last camp, the expedition. This was a great two days where the students all excelled in the areas of assessment- organisation, team work, behaviour, respect and participation. We as a group started the trip in Alexandra on Thursday, where we rode along the Great Victorian Rail Trail to Molesworth, which was our destination for the day. The students all worked well together on the ride- taking turns in a leadership role, which entailed supporting each other and learning to use the map to check our distances. Once we arrived at Molesworth we all set up camp very efficiently and had plenty of time for a fish in the Goulbourn river running just behind our camp and for some students to start the camp fire for the night. We finished off the day with a delicious BBQ for dinner and marshmallows around the fire while telling jokes and riddles.

Our second day of camp began with everyone helping for a quick camp pack up and the students making everyone a yummy bacon and egg roll for breakfast. We then left Molesworth on our bikes in sight for Yea. This ride has a fairly long uphill, which the group pushed through in good time. We were rewarded at the top with a ride through Cheviot Tunnel, an old railway tunnel, and then a really speedy downhill on the other side. Everyone finished off the ride strong with a cruise into Yea, where we stopped and had our final lunch. From here we drove back into Collingwood for a final unpack before dropping everyone off for a well deserved relaxing weekend before our final week. All the students completed the expedition exceptionally well and worked extremely well together, it was a camp full of fun, laughter, teamwork and cooperation!

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