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Hume Week 3 2017

Week 3 of the Hume program started at Broadmeadows Library where we got a tour of the great facilities available, while also getting to have a bit of fun and take advantage of activities such as playing Fifa on the play station as well as enjoying some time playing Nintendo Wii. After all the fun activities the students jumped on the computers to complete a question and answer mini research project in preparation for tomorrow's first overnight camp at the You Yangs. After our session at the library we were back on the bus and on our way for a bike ride. The bike ride was enduring, exhausting and enjoyable all at the same time, the students completed the ride well together, demonstrating some great supportive skills for one another.

Thursday morning brought the start of our first camp. Everyone was extremely excited and very eager to get on the road, but before this was possible all camp packs had to be packed with food, tents and all other necessary items. After making sure we had everything packed, we jumped on the bus and headed out to the You Yangs Regional Park. It's a well known park for mountain bike riding but also a great spot for some day walks and hikes. After a nice drive we arrived at the You Yangs Regional Park where we set off with camp packs on a nice 9km hike. The sun was shining and we were lucky to be out hiking in beautiful weather. The group made a fantastic effort to get through the walk, enjoying the views and taking part in some activities along the way. Once we got to the campsite we were super impressed by how efficiently the students worked together to set up tents, cook dinner and get a fire going.

After a cold night and wait of a looming rain forecast, we packed up nice and early before getting out the bikes for a 20km mountain bike ride were everyone was able to test their endurance and speed. We rode on a few different tracks throughout the park, with everyone able to build up their mountain biking skills; having a go on the single trails and also steep technical sections through rocky landscapes. This area contained three downhill tracks and a range of cross country tracks that tested all of us physically and mentally. The ride was enjoyable and, once again, the students were really helpful and efficient and we were able to get away earlier than usual back to Collingwood.

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