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Term 3 Enhance Graduation

A HUGE congratulations is in order for our eight graduating students who partipicated in the Operation Newstart Engage program!

These students were selected by their teachers and school staff as young people with great potential for leadership within the school and wider community. Their skills were tested over the five week program and every single student showed a huge amount amount of leadership skills. They displayed empathy for the causes we visited and worked hard to support people within their community. They also took these skills back to their schools with the 'Action for Change' documentary and various fundraising activities.

Nervous wait for speeches.

Graduation itself was a really great day. Family, friends and the various people we worked with during the program were in attendance, filling the room with support for these wonderful young people. Each student spoke wonderfully about their experience, sharing some of the activities they'd participated in over the last five weeks. All students received a Graduation Certificate, presented by Brendon Delaney (Program Coordinator) and Phil Wheatley (Executive Officer of Operation Newstart Victoria).

Congratulations again to all the students on a wonderful term, we can't wait to hear about your success back at school in the future!


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