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Enhance Program Week One

What a great start to the 2015 Enhance program! We're lucky enough to have a full group of fantastic young people who all have a lot to give. Here's a run down of what we've been up to...

After a few intro activities and group discussions, the students were given an insight into documentary filmmaking by Dave from Yarra Youth Services who has made films with the ABC. Both participation and positive communication were high, and wonderfully followed up in a great rock-climbing session at Hard Rock climbing gym. Everyone had multiple climbs even if they felt a little uneasy. This gave them some great skills required for caving on day 2.

Caving Day 2. This was an exceptional day! Everyone helping and encouraging to avoid the dangers in the cave is always a fantastic sight to behold. This day is particularly great because it forms the group so well and we can build from these experiences. We also had to help the other group who were coming from the other direction which put us behind schedule. The group were fantastic in assisting and it was greatly appreciated by the other staff.

On Friday The Allanah Madeline Foundation visit gave us an insight into the important work they do for young children. Our group asked intelligent questions and showed great empathy. We were lucky to interview the founder Walter who by chance was working on a project painting kangaroos to raise money and awareness. The students filmed and interviewed Bec (Marketing manager) and Walter for their documentary on Action for Change. Big thanks also to Kristy for telling us about the important Buddy Bag program.

The afternoon was excellent preparation for our radio presentation next week. Ti from SYN radio assisted the group to create a podcast about The Allanah Madeline Foundation. It was a great effort and quite funny watching the students get this together.

Congratulations on such a positive and productive first week guys!

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